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Keep Your Patients Connected to Your Practice through DesBio’s Homeopathic and Supplemental Dispensary

  • Professional Online Dispensary available exclusively to all DesBio Practitioners
  • Increase your product diversity without the hassle of stocking and maintaining a large in-office dispensary
  • Recommend products immediately and ship directly to your patient’s door
  • Improve patient compliance through a simple online ordering system
  • Assurance that products are stored and shipped in accordance with specifications
  • “Subscribe and Save” options to help your patients stay on track with your recommendations

You can invite patients to register using the messaging tools, customize discounts to patients, manage patient access, and use the reports feature to review sales metrics.
Your patients will have direct access to educational materials and videos to help them learn and understand the formulas you have recommended as well as a messaging center that makes it easy to stay in touch and answer their questions.

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