Grain and Soy Allergen Mix

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    Homeopathic Indications: Grain and Soy Allergen Mix is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to consumption of grains, soy, and gluten, including bowel irregularity, occasional diarrhea, occasional constipation, and fatigue.

    • ATP (4X)
    • Quercetin (6X 8X 10X 30X 200X)
    • Rutin (6X 8X 10X 30X 200X)
    • Ileum (8X)
    • Jejunum (8X)
    • Stomach (8X)
    • Gluten (30X 200X)
    • Amaranth (6C 30C 200C)
    • Avena (6C 30C 200C)
    • Nat Sulphuricum (6C 30C 200C)
    • Sarcolacticum Ac (6C 30C 200C)
    • Triticum (6C 30C 200C)
    • Adrenocorticotrophin (8C 30C 200C)
    • Glyphosate (12C 30C 200C 1000C)
    • Sycotic Co Bacillus (30C 200C)
    • Nat Carb (6X 8X 10X 30X 200X)