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    Homeopathic Indications: Progenite is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to impaired reproductive activity in both males and females, such as hormonal imbalances, reduced sex drive, and irregular menses.

    • Ammon Carb (6X)
    • Baryta Mur (6X)
    • Borax (6X)
    • Caulophyllum (6X)
    • Nat Carb (6X)
    • Sabal (6X)
    • Sabina (6X)
    • Sulphuricum Ac (6X)
    • Thiosinaminum (6X)
    • Folliculinum (6X 12X 30X)
    • Tuba Uterina Suis (6X 12X 30X)
    • Uterus SUIS (6X 12X 30X)
    • Hypothalamus (8X 12X 30X)
    • Thyroidinum (8X 12X 30X)
    • Agnus (12X)
    • Conium (12X)
    • Graphites (12X)
    • Hyoscyamus (12X)
    • Sepia (12X)
    • Selenium (12X 30X)
    • X-Ray (12X 30X)