PTS/Stress Remedy

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Homeopathic Indications: PTS/ Stress Remedy is for the temporary relief of symptoms of stress such as terror, horror, post traumatic stress, fight or flight response, recurring nightmares, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, and easy irritability.

  • Kali Phosphoricum (3X)
  • Ambra (6X)
  • Cacao (6X)
  • Stramonium (12X 30X 60X)
  • Phosphoricum Acidum (6X)
  • Arnica (6X 12X 30X)
  • Calc Carb (8X)
  • Cerebrum (8X)
  • Tarentula Hisp (12X)
  • Lilium (12X)
  • Ignatia (12X)
  • Hyoscyamus (12X)
  • Cicuta Vir (12X)
  • Aconitum Nap (8X 30X)
  • Argemone (12X)
  • Arsenicum Alb (12X)
  • Nat Mur (12X)
  • Lithium Carb (8X)
  • Glandula suprarenalis suis (8X)
  • Buthus (6C)