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Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

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How do I set up my account?

Creating your account starts with your invitation from your practitioner.  An invitation email is sent from [email protected] saying “You have been invited to DesBio’s Practitioner Approved Ordering (PAO) site by your healthcare practitioner. Please click on the link below to accept the invitation and create a password.”
Clicking on the link included in the email takes you to the screen in pao.desbio.com where you create your own password for your account that uses your email address as your username.

Instead of receiving your invitation via email, you may receive a text message from your practitioner with the invitation to register for Practitioner Approved Ordering.  The text message will include your practitioner’s code.  Click on the link in your message to go to pao.desbio.com.  Then click on the Patient Sign-up link in the upper right of the screen.  Enter the practitioner code in the box in the middle of the screen. 

You can then register with your contact information and creating a password for your PAO account.

With either method, after completing your account information you will electronically sign a PAO Patient User agreement.  Then your account will be ready for use.

How do I log in as a Patient

To log into your account, go to pao.desbio.com and click on the Login link in the upper right corner of the screen.  Enter your email address used to register your account and the password you created for your account.

You will then be presented with the pao.desbio.com home page from which you can access all of the patient features of the PAO patient portal.

What do I do if the item I want is out of stock?

When you have found an item that you want to order and you are viewing its details, the quantity available for order is shown along with the price. If the description states “out of stock,” unfortunately you will not be able to include the item in your order. However, go ahead and on the blue “Notify me” button. A screen will appear informing you that you will be emailed when stock is available. You can place your order for this item at that future time when it is in stock.

Can I set up a recurring payment method?

You can create a “Saved payment method” for your account on the pao.desbio website. To do so, click on the “My Account” link at the top right of the website, choose “Account Details.” Click on the “Payment methods” link in the menu of options listed in blue letters on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the “Add payment method” button and enter your credit card information there. Clicking the “Add payment method” button below your credit card information saves that credit card for use for your DesBio orders.

If you desire, you can add more than one payment method to have them on file in your PAO account, and then choose between them at the time of your orders.

What options do I have for payment?

The DesBio PAO portal accepts credit cards and debit cards for payment. No other form of payment is accepted at this time.

What options do I have for method of shipment?

When you have provided your shipping address where the items in your cart are to be shipped, your shopping cart page will show all of the items in your cart and 3 options will be presented for shipping to your address: “Ground,” “Third Business Day” and “Second Business Day,” with shipping costs shown for each option.

If your order total is $150 or more, your ground shipping is at no charge.  Ground shipping is $9.95 for orders that are less than $150.  Prices for third-day and second-day shipping are $25 and $35 respectively.

I made a mistake on my order! How do I cancel it or change it?

Once your order is placed through the PAO system, there is no option for for you to intercept the order and cancel or change it. Call your practitioner to explain the concern and they can contact support at DesBio.

How do I change my password?

After signing in to your account at pao.desbio.com, to change your password, click on the Account Details link in the top right of the pao.desbio.com webpage and choose the Change Password option on the left side of the screen.

Enter your current password in the box requesting this, then enter your new password in the next box and enter the new password again in the box “Confirm new password.” Click on the Save Changes button.

I can’t place an order. What do I do?

If you are viewing a page of the pao.desbio.com website and unable to place an order, first check to see that you see the link “Logout” in the upper right of the screen. If you see instead the word “Login” then login to the pao.desbio.com system with your registered email address and your password.

You should now be able to place your order.

If you are logged in to your account, have items in your cart and have chosen your desired shipping time option but the Place Order button does not confirm the success of your order, please confirm that the correct credit card information has been entered and that the card has not expired.

Try using a different credit card as your payment method.

If your credit card information is all valid and you are still not able to get the confirmation that your order has been placed, log out of your account in the PAO system, log back in and place the order again.

If this is not successful, please contact desbio support by clicking the Contact link in the upper right of the pao.desbio.com screen, select the Option of “Technical website question” and let us know that you were unsuccessful. Include a phone number in the message box of your contact information and press “Send Message.”

When should I expect delivery?

Orders placed before noon will arrive three business days later, when third-day delivery is selected in the shipping options. Orders with second-day delivery will arrive the two business days after a morning order.

Orders placed for delivery by ground will arrive on the carrier’s regular schedule from the DesBio Salt Lake City location—typically 2 days in Utah and southern Idaho, 3 to 6 business days for the continental US

Can I track my order?

Yes. When you place your order and it has been prepared for shipping, an email is sent to the email address you have on record with PAO. Included in the email is a notice of shipment and a link for tracking the package.

Clicking on the link in the email will bring you to UPS tracking website with the details by the carrier about the progress of your delivery.

I can’t login for the first time. What’s wrong?

Logging in to create your account for the first time starts with an invitation email from your practicitioner. You must click on the link in the email which will take you to the screen where you will create your account on the PAO system by adding your address and password. The email address to which your invitation was sent by your practitioner will be your username and with this username and the password your create, you can then log in to the PAO system by clicking on Login in the upper right corner of the screen and entering your invited email address and your password.

If you received your invitation to register for Practitioner Approved Ordering via text message, you will click on the link or go to the website pao.desbio.com and click on the Patient Sign-up link in the upper right of the screen.  Your text message includes a Practitioner Code.  Enter that code in the Practitioner Code box and then create your PAO account.  You can then log in to the PAO system by clicking on Login in the upper right corner of the screen by using your email address and password.

I don’t remember my password, or it is not working to login to the PAO system.

If you are not successful logging in to PAO, first, check to see if the “caps lock” key is pressed on your keyboard. Your password characters are case-sensitive and you may not have created your password all in caps.

Alternatively, perhaps your password was inadvertently created in all CAPITAL LETTERS with the caps lock key active when you first created your account. If caps lock is not currently active when you try to log in, press it and try your password again.

If you are still not successful, click on the “Lost Your Password?” link below the Login button on the pao.desbio.com screen and follow the instructions to have a new link sent to your email address to create a new password and login.

If you do not receive the email with new password instructions, check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. If you still do not find the email, it is possible that your PAO account was created using a different or misspelled email address.

Can I change my subscription shipping schedule?

Currently, it is not possible to change the day of the month for shipment of your subscription.

An update to PAO is planned for this:  Sign in to your pao.desbio.com account, then click on Account Details in the upper right of the screen.

In the menu of selections on the left side of the screen, click on Subscriptions. You now see a list of products that are scheduled for regular shipment to you, with the date of the next shipment shown.

Click on the shipment date and change the date to a date that you prefer for your next shipment. You may also remove a subscription from your list by clicking the Cancel button.

I need to change my account email address-How can I do it?
To change your PAO account email address, please contact [email protected]
I want to send DesBio products to family or friends at another shipping address—How can I do it?

Please do NOT attempt to order DesBio products for others! In your Patient Agreement, you specifically agreed not to. Your account in the Practitioner Approved Ordering system of DesBio is for convenience in ordering products for yourself only. 

Your account requires that you and each person receiving DesBio products has had a consultation with a practitioner who is a DesBio customer.

Please encourage family and friends to visit their own practitioner to be invited to use the PAO system for their own account.

How do I change my address for shipping?

When you place an order from your Cart in PAO, you specify the shipping address there.

At the time of your order, after selecting the products you are ordering, In the upper right of the products page, you will see the Cart icon and next to the cart icon you will see a number which is the number of products in your cart. Click on the cart icon, where you will see the products you have selected for your order and, to the right of the products you will see the expected shipping costs for your default address.

To change the anticipated shipping costs, click on Change Address below the default address and change the city, state and address to the address where you want the products shipped. Click on Change Address to see any changes in shipping costs and the total. Then click on Proceed to Checkout.

Here you will see Billing Details to the left and Ship to a Different Address checked on the right. The default address will still be shown.

If you think you will send products to this new address in the future, you can add this new address to your PAO Address Book by clicking on the default address under Ship to a Different Address and selecting Add New Address. Your new address will now be saved for future use in your Address Book and is listed as the shipping address for your current order.

If instead you do not want to save the new address for future use, just type in the address details of First Name, Last Name, Street Address, etc. below Ship to a Different Address.

Your order will be shipped to the new address.

How can I get a coupon code?

From time to time, your practitioner may offer a discount on DesBio products. Your practitioner will create a coupon code, will notify DesBio to honor the code, and then notify you of the special offer with its code that your practitioner has created. You will enter that code on your Cart page and the discount provided by the coupon code will appear in the total of your order.

I want to re-order something that I ordered before? Can I see a list of my past orders?

Click on the View Orders link at the top right of the screen or click on Account Details and then click on the Orders item in the menu of items in blue text on the left side of the screen.

You are now presented with a list of your previous orders, showing the products in each order. Click either the order number or the View button on the right for the order that is of interest. You are now presented with all of the products in the order and a Order Again button below the items.  Click on the Order Again button to place the items in your cart for your new order.

How can I cancel or change my subscription?

Sign in to your pao.desbio.com account, then click on My Account in the upper right of the screen.

In the menu of selections on the left side of the screen, click on Subscriptions. You now see a list of products that are scheduled for regular shipment to you, with the date of the next shipment shown.

Click on the Cancel button to stop future re-orders of a subscription.  Send a message to [email protected]

to request a change in the date of a subscribed product shipping date.

What are Social Login Accounts under My Account?

Social accounts that you have with Facebook and/or Google can be linked to your PAO account, if you don’t want to remember another username and password.

You are still required to create a PAO username (your email address) and a password, but can login to PAO by clicking on either the facebook or google link, once you have connected your PAO to the social media account or accounts.

How can I find additional educational materials related to the products I ordered?

All patient education materials can be found within the education tab on the product entry. For additional product resources, please contact your practitioner.

When my order arrived, the seal was broken on the bottle or container. What do I do?

We do not advise consuming formulas with a damaged seal. Please visit https://pao.desbio.com/contact-patients/ and complete the online form.

The product that arrived in my most recent order looks different than in previous orders. What do I do?

Variation in color, consistency, and taste is a normal occurrence with natural products.All DesBio finished formulas are tested and carefully inspected by our Quality Assurance team before distribution and meet our established standards for safety and efficacy. If you have further questions, please contact your healthcare practitioner.


There is a “Manufacturing” date on my product. How can I tell if it is expired or not?

DesBio Dietary Supplement Formulas have a shelf-life of 24 months if stored correctly. Homeopathic formulas should be discarded after 5 years if sealed and 3 years if opened.

Are the Desbio homeopathic remedies vegan, organic, and soy and gluten-free?

The sarcodes (body tissues) in homeopathic remedies are animal-sourced and therefore no remedies containing these ingredients can be considered vegan. None of the DesBio remedies are tested for gluten. However since there are no detectable remaining molecules, the risk of gluten or soy presence is negligible. None of the DesBio remedies is deemed organic.

How do I know if the products I am ordering will react with the medications I am on?

Please contact your healthcare practitioner and provide them with a list of your medications to evaluate safety.

Why is there alcohol in the homeopathic remedies?

Alcohol serves as both a preservative and vehicle for homeopathic medicines. The amount of alcohol in a usual homeopathic dose is about 1/80 of an ounce. Please contact your healthcare practitioner for strategies to remove alcohol if necessary.

I have food sensitivities. How do I know what allergens are in your products?

All of our Dietary Supplement labels are subject to the FDA Food Allergens Guidance which requires that the 8 major allergens (milk, fish, eggs, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans) be listed on the supplement label. If allergens are present within a formula, they will be listed under the supplement facts panel. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your healthcare practitioner.