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What are "Social Login Accounts" under My Account?

Social accounts that you have with Facebook and/or Google can be linked to your PAO account, if you don’t want to remember another username and password.

You are still required to create a PAO username (your email address) and a password, but can login to PAO by clicking on either the facebook or google link, once you have connected your PAO to the social media account or accounts.

How can I best monitor my PAO account for patient invitations accepted, recommendations accepted, orders placed, messages sent and received?

The PAO dashboard screen is designed just for this purpose.  By default, the Patient List is shown, which presents a list of all of your patients who have accepted the PAO invitation and registered an account.

When you click on the Patients tab and select Pending Patients, you see a list of patients who have been sent a PAO invitation by you but who have not yet registered for their account.It presents tabs to show a list of patients, reports, and messages.  Clicking on the Patients tab gives you choices to view all your patients who have registered on the PAO website andthose who have not yet registered.

Clicking the Patients tab and selecting Patient List again shows you the list of registered patients and you see buttons for each patient to view their orders, to view their recommendations, a percent discount, and a cog-wheel icon in the Manage column. 

You can click on the View Orders button to see all orders by the patient, on the View Recommendation button to view all recommendations you have sent to the patient.

Click on the cog-wheel icon and click then on Manage Patient to edit the patient status (Active, Restricted, Deactivate), to edit the discount percent for the patient, and to select tabs to view Orders, Recommendations, Subscriptions, and Ingredient Alerts for the patient.


What can I do as a practitioner to help my patient if my PAO messages are going to SPAM?

When you discuss with a patient that you will be inviting them to join the PAO website, encourage them to “whitelist” emails from desbio.com.  To do this, they will add [email protected]  and [email protected] to their list of contacts in their email account.

Can I see how much compensation to expect from my patients’ orders?

Below your practitioner code on the PAO Dashboard is a Reports tab. Clicking on this tab presents a menu of three choices:  Order History, Recommendation History and Commission Reports which give you as a practitioner information for all of your patients instead of individual patients. 

The Order History lists all orders for your patients.  Recommendation History lists all product recommendations for your patients. 

Commission Reports lists all amounts generated for Gross Commission, Sales, Refunds, and net commission which is Gross Commission minus refunds.  Sales are shown for each DesBio product.  Each order placed by a patient is shown with the commission due from each order and the payment status.

How do I restrict a patient to order only my recommended DesBio products?
To set the status of a patient to Restricted, the patient first must be registered for PAO.
From your PAO Dashboard, click on the Patients tab and select Patient List.  Find your patient of interest in the list and, for the specific patient, under the last column of  “Manage,” click on the gear icon and then click on Manage Patient.
Click on the Edit button for Patient Status.  This Edit button on on the left side of the upper area of the information for the patient.  Choose Restricted for the Status and click on the Submit button.
You’ll be brought back to the Patient information screen with a message “Patient Updated Successfully.”
How can I see which patients have ordered their products?

To view reports about Patients who have registered on the PAO site, their Orders, and their Recommendations, log in to the PAO site at pao.desbio.com with your username and password. You are immediately presented with your PAO Dashboard.  There, you will first see your practitioner code in the upper left. The main part of the screen is a list of your registered patients, each with a button for View Orders and View Recommendation. Clicking on View Orders button presents all orders for that individual patient.

Below your practitioner code on the PAO Dashboard is a Reports tab. Clicking on this tab presents a menu of three choices:  Order History, Recommendation History and Commission Reports which give you as a practitioner information for all of your patients instead of individual patients.  The Order History lists all orders for your patients.  Recommendation History lists all recommendations for your patients.  Commission Reports lists all amounts generated for Gross Commission, Sales, Refunds, and net commission (Gross Commission minus refunds.)  Sales are shown for each DesBio product and also by patient order.

How can I set up standardized email/text messages for my patients?

Under the Messages tab of the PAO Dashboard, you have the option of Message Template.  Selecting Message Template allows you to create messages that can be saved and used repeatedly.  Select Message Templat and click Add Template. Give the template a name which is the wording that will appear in the subject of the email or message each time you use it.  Type the body of the message and then save this template by clicking the Submit button.

When you choose the option to Create a New Message from the PAO Dashboard, you can then select the option to use a message template and choose a previously created template.  All you need to do next is select the patient to whom you want the message sent and then click on Send Message.

You can send a message to multiple patients at the same time, similar to a blind carbon copy (bcc:) email, by selecting Message Template.  Then click on the green “person icon” for the template you want to use and click on Select Patient.

You are now presented with the subject and body of your template message and above these the list of all of your patients appears.  You can click on one patient name or on several patient names.

Clicking the blue Send Message button sends the message to each of the patients you selected. Patients will not know that the message went to anyone else.

How can I upload a list of my patients so they all will be invited to register for the PAO system?

After logging in to your PAO practitioner account, you are presented with your PAO Dashboard.  If you are already in the PAO system and do not see your PAO Dashboard, click on the PAO Dashboard in the upper right area of the screen.

On this PAO Dashboard screen, below your Practitioner Code, you have 4 tabs:  Patients, Reports, Messages and Settings.

To upload a file of patients to be invited to register to use Practitioner Approved Ordering, click on the Patients tab and select Import Patients.

You’ll be browsing on your computer for a previously created file with the fields separated by commas, a comma-separated variables file or .csv file.

If you have not already created this file and do not know what the format of the file should be, you can click on the blue text “sample csv here.” A small file will be downloaded to your computer.  Double-clicking on this file will present a list of four records with first name, last name,email address, and phone number.  This shows you what your file to be uploaded should look like.

Your file can be created most efficiently by exporting patient information from your practice management, accounting or clinical records computer program for your practice.  There may be a patient report in your system which allows you to export information instead of printing the report.  You will want to export first name, last name, email address and SMS phone number for all patients that you want to invite to use Practitioner Approved Ordering.

If an export of your information is not possible, you can create your file in a word processing or spreadsheet document.  In a word processor, just type a patient’s first name, followed by a comma, then the patient’s last name followed by a comma, then the patient’s email address followed by a comma then the phone number followed by hitting the return key on your keyboard to create a new line for the next patient. Repeat this process for every patient you want invited.

When all patients have been entered into the file, go to the file menu and select Save As for the file.  Give the file a name and be sure to choose .txt as the type of file.  An example of a file might is PAOpatients.txt.  Pay careful attention to the location where the file is saved.

You will need to change the ending of the filename from .txt to .csv.  Then your file is ready.

If you choose to create your file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, you will type the first name of a patient in the first cell of the spreadsheet, hit the tab key to move to the next cell, type the patient last name, tab key again, then type the email address for the patient, tab key, cell phone number.

Click your mouse in the first cell of the line below this patient entry and start the data entry process again on this new line:  first name, tab, last name, tab, email address, phone number, click on the first cell of the next line down.

When all patients are entered, go to the file menu and select Save As.  Enter your filename such as PAOpatients and choose .csv as the file type—this will add the commas between your fields.  Pay careful attention to the location where the file is saved.

With a file of patient information created, you can now click on the browse button on the Import Patient screen of your PAO Dashboard.

Remember,  you found this screen by selecting Import Patients under the Patients tab of the dashboard.

After clicking on the Browse button, browse or find the location where your PAOpatient.csv file was created.  Your file may have a different name than our example here.

Click on the patient file and then click on the Open button.

Back at the Import Patient screen, click on the Submit button.

If all of your patient records had been created properly, then each patient in the file has now been invited via email to register to use the PAO system and you have received notice in green—Invited Successfully is presented next to each patient.

ALERT!:  Be sure that no fields in your list have a space in front of the information.  This is a common error that will prevent a record from being accepted successfully in the Import process.

What does DesBio do with my patient information?

DesBio uses the patient information you provide to the PAO website to send email and SMS message notices to your patients when you invite them to join the PAO website, send the patient a message, send the patient a product recommendation;

and when the patient registers on the PAO site and places an order.

With your permission, DesBio sends product information and promotions to a patient, always with the encouragement that the patient consult with you their practitioner.

Why should I allow DesBio to send emails to my patients? Do I have a choice?

Yes you have a choice!  There are 2 choices involved:  1. From time to time, DesBio will offer you suggested email and text message formats with informative content which you can send to your patients to educate them regarding products or topics pertaining to homeopathy.  You choose if you want your patients to receive these suggested emails.  2. With your permission, DesBio will send email and SMS messages directly to your PAO-registered patients informing them about products and inviting them to visit the PAO website to learn more.  YOu have approved this in your PAO Practitioner Agreement.

If frequent emails are sent by DesBio on my behalf to my patients, won't they soon be treated as SPAM?

The DesBio Practitioner Approved Ordering website will use a HIPAA-compliant service with a “clean message” reputation to send messages.  Patients should be invited to “white-list” two email addresses:  [email protected]  and [email protected] as a source on messages not to be sent to the SPAM or Junk Mail folder of their mail application.

To whitelist, please ask your patient to add [email protected] and [email protected] to the list of contacts for their patient email system.

Shouldn’t my patients “opt-in” to receive emails from me or from DesBio?

Because your patients have a business relationship with you and have provided you with their email and text message contact information, they have in fact opted in to communication from you.  It is always helpful for you to have that implied “opt-in” stated in the new patient information you provide to your patients.

When a patient registers, creating an account with DesBio for Practitioner Approved Ordering, they check a box stating “I agree to receive information and commercial offers from DesBio PAO, LLC”thereby agreeing to receive email and text messages on an “opt-in” basis.

I can’t login for the first time. What’s wrong?

Logging in to create your account for the first time starts with an invitation email from Desbio to register for Practitioner Approved Ordering. You must click on the link in the email which will take you to the screen where you will create your account on the PAO system by adding your address and password. The email address to which your invitation was sent by your practitioner will be your username and with this username and the password your create, you can then log in to the PAO system by clicking on Login in the upper right corner of the screen and entering your invited email address and your password.

Alternatively, your practitioner can provide you with a PAO practitioner code and direct you to pao.desbio.com to click on Patient Signup–a button in the upper right corner of the screen. The screen that appears is where you enter the practitioner code and press the Submit button.  You then can enter your name and other details to create  your account.

After your account is created, you are presented with the PAO Patient Agreement to sign.  Then, as mentioned in the first paragraph above, you can click on Login in the upper right of the screen to sign in to your new account.

If, at this time, you are not successful logging into your account it will be because your email address is not being entered as it was to create your account or because your password is not being entered the same as it was to create your account.

Check to be sure your caps lock key on  your keyboard is not pressed.  If  you still cannot sign in, click on the Lost your Password words on the log in screen and enter your email address to receive a link to set a new password.


I don’t remember my password, or it is not working to login to the PAO system. What do I do?

First, check to see if the “caps lock” key is pressed on your keyboard. Your password characters are case-sensitive and you may not have created your password all in caps.

Alternatively, perhaps your password was inadvertently created in all CAPITAL LETTERS with the caps lock key active when you first created your account. If caps lock is not currently active when you try to log in, press it and try your password again.

If you are still not successful, click on the Lost Your Password? link below the Login button on the pao.desbio.com screen and follow the instructions to have a new link sent to your email address to create a new password and login.

If you do not receive the email with new password instructions, check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. If you still do not find the email, it is possible that your PAO account was created using a different or misspelled email address. In this case, contact your practitioner to let them know of the situation and they will contact desbio.com.

I need to change my account email address-How can I do it?

To change your PAO account email address, please contact [email protected].  Please specify the reason why your email address needs to be changed.

Changing your email address will likely require issuing  you a new PAO account.

What does the PAO system look like to my patients?

Click on the link below to see a 4 minute video of how a patient interacts with Practitioner Approved Ordering for registering, receiving and sending messages, receiving recommendations, ordering products and managing their PAO account.  The video will appear in a separate tab of your browser and you can close that tab to return to these FAQs.  Click HERE! to view the video.